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Top Sites To Buy Medicines Online In India

Top sites to buy medicines online

Buy medicines Online India

Today’s era is more prominently signified by people being super busy in  their lives that they tend to be dependent on other sources for every single reason. Websites like Big Basket, Grofers delivering fruits and vegetables delivered at the doorstep or apps like zomato, swiggy, food Panda providing quality food delivered at any hour of the day. This is no doubt helpful and saves time but it is also creating a major shift in the consumer preferences for shopping. Slowly the online way is gaining more popularity because all you have to do is just surf the internet and hardly within minutes more options than you desire appear in front of you to choose from, making the hassle of going shop to shop disappear in a jiffy. On top of that one gets the unlimited offers and discounts on the retail prices.

The trend of online shopping nowadays has moved to the medical space too. All medicines are available online without any difficulty and all you need to do is – upload the prescription and that eases the entire effort.

Top sites to buy medicines online in India: 

Here is my list of the top sites/apps which deliver medicines in one click at your doorstep. 

1. Medlife – No. 1 Online Pharmacy and Healthcare app

Top sites to buy medicines online

Headed by Tushar Kumar, medlife is the largest online pharmacy in India, having a customer base of over 5 million users for 100% genuine medicines that too at discounted prices. It provides a facility of cash on delivery making it even more convenient to use and it’s wider reach covers more than 25000+ pin codes covering majority of the important cities providing quality services. Apart from medicines,  medlife also has medlife labs which offer free collection of samples from the doorstep along with doctor consultation sitting at your home only.  One can also order healthcare and wellness products using medlife.

2. 1 mg – Online Medical Store & Healthcare App

Top sites to buy medicines online

1 mg is an all in one app for your various health needs from buying medicines to booking consultations and lab tests.  It is more like a pocket pharmacy where you can consult India’s best doctors with a single click only. This highly recognized app also provides regular health tips for your general well being.

3. Practo – Consult Doctors online and book medicines

Apart from ordering medicines practo is a handy app for finding doctors too. Practo helps in finding the most suitable doctor from a wide range of specialists ranging from dermatologist, Paediatricians, gynaecologists. You will find most of the doctors from top hospital chains like Fortis, Apollo etc here in this app.  Practo app arranges a private chat with the doctors and also one can call the doctors for one to one consultation. It makes doctor patient interaction much easier than the physical one because it’s easier to communicate with doctors through telephonic medium that too at feasible hours.

4. Netmeds App – India’s trusted online pharmacy app

buy medicines online india

Netmeds app makes ordering medicines online even more easier. Along with the doorstep delivery netmeds also offers money saving offers and has points to ensure savings on the purchases. It also offers free follow up check up with instant call/chat with specialist doctors. Reliable information related to almost all medicines is available at your fingertips. Order tracking being a significant feature helps in assisting the orders through this online pharmacy Netmeds.

I observed that there are many other online pharmacy websites that help us buy medicines with the help of your smart phone or computers in just one touch. Healthkart is also one of the very popular ones but I haven’t included that because it has more of health supplements and products available online than medicines. The names might be different but process is just one…

  • just upload the prescription
  • ask for consultation if required,
  • Make payment and you are good to go.

So the next time when you are too tired to go out and fetch meds for anyone, you know where to go. Just click on these pocket pharmacy apps.

Now that you know the top sites to buy medicines online in India, what are you waiting for?

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