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Best Fitness Bands To Buy In India

Best Fitness Bands To Buy In India

Best fitness bands in India

For the fitness and healthy lifestyle followers fitness band for step counting has become the most powerful tool to track activity. It is a good way to stay healthy and active. Most of the fitness trackers come in the name of fitness bands now and are loaded with some advancement like sleep analysis, blood pressure monitoring and step counting. It can surely help to achieve fitness without getting a hole in your pocket. But before choosing any of the brands you should keep a few factors in your mind.

What features you are looking for!

Not every fitness band comes with features what you need, For example if you are looking at heart rate monitors you need to narrow your searches accordingly.

What is your budget?

Budget plays an important role in determining your fitness band and you can make sure that you don’t comprise with quality because of its affordability.

Keeping these factors in our mind we have arranged a list of the Top Fitness Bands in India.

Top Fitness Bands In India

  1. MI Band – HRX Edition

Best fitness bands in India

Mi HRX  is the most affordable smart band available in India made of thermoplastic elastomer, and aluminum alloy. It has some distinct features like Touch sensor, Step Tracker and Sleep Counter. It works via Bluetooth connectivity and has a touch display. Mi HRX band comes with an efficient battery which can lasts for 23 days.

It is very simple to use and perfect for those who are looking for the calorie tracking. Its experience can amaze your thoughts process and help you stay motivated.

MRP- Rs 1299

Buy Here

2. Garmin Vivofit

This remarkable piece features a battery which doesn’t need any charging for the entire year. It is also water-resistant so you can use it while swimming and contains some basic features like Calorie monitor and  Step Tracker.

Garmin Vivofit lacks some features like heart rate tracking and GPS but that’s what not to be expected in this price range.

MRP- Rs 6715 

Buy Here

3. Fastrack reflex Band

Best bands in India

This fitness band from Fastrack is a very attractive tracker which comes with features like notification monitor, sleep monitor, calorie tracker and an alarm.

It comes with a year of warranty which makes this deal more worthy and affordable.

MRP Rs 1995

Buy Here

4.  Moov Now

best fitness bands in India

Moov Now provides the best real-time data because of its 9 axis accelerometer (the same is used in missile navigation system). It tracks every bit of your information which includes daily step and step counter. And gives feedback. It also measures swimming strokes and impact running which acts as your personal trainer and can tell you how to improve your fitness. It offers a battery life of six months.

MRP Rs 6574

Buy Here

5. GOQii Vital

GOQii Vital works as a health plan for your family. It has some basic features like a heart rate monitor and notification alert mechanism and includes a blood pressure monitor and an OLED color display and has a battery which can last up to 7 days. It has unlimited cloud storage to record all your medical test and contains all your health-related services. Goqii Vital can help you to get your personalized trainer and nutritionist that can give you information through your phone and email. Indeed this one is a wonderful package.

MRP Rs 3999

Buy Here

Let us know if you need some more information about fitness bands. You can contact us for your fitness products reviews. Mail us –

Hope you liked our list of Best Fitness Bands To Buy In India.

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