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Are You Carrying A Food Baby?

Are You Carrying A Food Baby? Find Out!

Hello All!!!

Ever wondered what the capacity of your tummy is? It can hold as little as 50 ml to a good 4 litres! However, you usually can’t go beyond 1 to 1.5 litres and it is the point at which most people feel satiated. After you start crossing this threshold, your stomach wall will start getting stretched and cause discomfort for few hours. If you keep continuing overeating, with time, your belly will get used to it and grow to accommodate all the extra food and liquid. After several months of this trend, your stomach muscles will get stretched out and not get back to their normal size. This means that you will need to eat more to feel full.

How does your belly feel most often?

Does your tummy keep protruding out and feel tight as if it is going to burst? It can be due to gas. On the other hand, if your belly is soft and bulging around the sides like a spare tire, it can be due to fluid retention as a result of consuming foods high sodium carbs or due to the commencement of your menstrual cycle.

Most often food babies are due to gas but it is not about overeating every time. Even while eating a proportionate meal, you can get bloated. The gas can be due to the air you swallow through the mouth or the one created by the friendly bacteria residing in your gut. You can have gas due to cabbage, broccoli, beets, apples, figs, peaches and plums.

When you overeat, you might also get hiccups which chiefly occur when the diaphragm is irritated due to a full belly. What is even more annoying is that a food baby can lead to flatulence. Just like bloating, you start farting when you eat way too much or consume foods that don’t go too well with the friendly bacteria in your gut.

What to do after you have overfed your belly?

Exercising right after a feast is a bad idea as it will reduce the flow of blood to the digestive tract and slow down the movement of food through it. If you do want to do something, going for a stroll is the best. It will increase your stomach’s ability to do its job faster and send the food to the intestinal tract. Remember that you should not lie down after getting up from the table. You need to sit upright for a minimum of half an hour so that digestion is carried out properly.

Also, if your food is loaded with lots of fat and is protein-heavy, it gets difficult to break it down. You can suffer from heartburn as well as nausea. Seek instant help for your acid reflux which is most often antacid. This way you will get immediate relief.

Final thoughts

You should consume only as much you can digest. Don’t eat more than your capacity. It may feel good at the present moment but it is a roller-coaster ride later.

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