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Choose Outdoor Workouts and Quit The Gym

It’s Better To Choose Outdoor Workouts and Quit The Gym

Hello Everyone!

There is nothing as refreshing as being surrounded by trees and breathing in fresh air. It makes you feel so alive and invigorated. In the recent times, we humans have started realizing the importance of nature in our lives. Science has also said that there are huge benefits of heading outdoors.

connect with nature

Day-in and day-out we are exposed to so much of stress. As if constant usage of technology, an imbalance in work and life, unhappy relationships were not enough that now you have to enter a crowded gym to stay fit. Your brain can’t handle all the stress. On the other hand, being exposed to the greenery, wildlife and nature’s gifts like a flowing stream of water helps in lowering the stress hormone – cortisol in the body. This way you will be able to sense a kind of calmness that you can’t find in the concrete jungle.

Here are some top reasons to choose outdoor workouts and quit the gym

1) You would discover neighbourhood parks and grounds

To avoid long commutes, it is advised that you look around for parks and grounds nearby. This way you will know what all is around you. Downloading a running or fitness app would be a good idea to track your mileage. If running is not your kind of thing and you like strength training, you can always learn moves from fitness apps and do them in the park without weights.

2) You can save money

Your wallet can make you head outdoors for a workout. You can enjoy the sights, increase the feel-good hormones inside you and breathe in fresh air without spending a penny. Though it is good to have an instructor to teach you yoga, a tight budget would make you feel dejected. However, nature is always there to welcome you with open arms. Get to the park with your friends and start running, practicing yoga or simply dance around. It won’t cost you any money.

3) Bring variety to your routine

We all know that it is important to workout but it can at times get tough to find a workout that actually excites you. By finding one you actually add more meaning to your life. While exercising in the open you can do just that.

4) You would stop the comparison game

In the gym, you would feel conscious while working out as you would think that others are watching you. Not being able to get the push-ups right or do the lifts perfectly can bring in a sense of comparison. On the other hand, while working out in the open, you just have to focus on your performance and get rid of all kinds of stray thoughts.

Combine working out and being amidst nature and see how it turns out to be magical! It is great to be in the open after being cooped up in your workplace for the whole day. Get more of nature on weekends by going for a trek with your pals.

So, would you choose outdoor workouts and quit the gym?

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Author: Archer Windsor

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