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All About Borage Oil And Its Health Benefits

Borage Oil And Its Health Benefits

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Borage oil is a rich source of a fatty acid called GLA or gamma-linolenic acid. GLA is an omega 6 fatty acid which is has anti-inflammatory properties. Since the human body cannot make this fatty acid by itself, you need to get it from seed oils like borage oil.

Know About Borage Oil And Its Health Benefits

Health benefits of Borage oil

1) Anti-inflammatory properties

Borage oil fights inflammation and provides anti-aging effects. This is because of the GLA present in it. Generally, you are prone to be deficient in GLA as it is found in very small quantities in leafy greens and nuts. As an infant you would have consumed it in breast milk but later on the intake is very low. Borage oil comes to your rescue as it is the richest source of GLA and will set your deficiency right. Borage oil is helpful in fighting age – related, inflammatory disorders.

2) Fights cancer and free radicals

The antioxidant properties of the GLA present in borage seed oil helps in fighting cancer. As an antioxidant, GLA helps in doing away with oxidation by free radicals that damages the body cells. Thereby, it can save you from a lot of health issues.

3) Reduces symptoms of arthritis

Borage oil works well as a remedy for rheumatoid arthritis when consumed along with other medications for arthritis. People have reported less joint pain and reduced swelling with six weeks of borage oil usage.

4) Fights skin disorders

Borage oil can treat eczema quite well because of the presence of GLA in it. Studies show mixed results but hope is there and it can possibly prove to be a great natural remedy for treating skin problems like eczema.

5) Heals respiratory infections

Borage oil improves lung health and provides relief to those individuals who have respiratory disorders. This oil speeds up the healing time required for colds, coughs and flu. As a result, the need for medication also gets reduced.

6) Helps in growth and development

Evidence says that babies on borage oil supplementation grow better. Though the test has been conducted on rats, it seems promising. However, further research is needed.

7) Reduces accumulation of body fat

For all those who are struggling to lose weight, borage oil is a boon. It is said to bring down the body fat accumulation when compared to vegetable oils (refined). Studies have been done in this regard and seem positive.

Dosage of borage oil

Since the right dosage of borage oil can be determined only after knowing your medical history, you better consult the doctor for it. It also varies according to what you need it for.

Who should not use borage oil?

Borage oil when consume in large doses can result in digestive issues. Also, the following people should avoid consuming it:

1) Pregnant women

Expecting mothers should avoid it as it can induce labour.

2) Those on certain medications

If you are consuming aspirin or warfarin should stay away from borage oil as it is a blood thinner. The oil should not be consumed if you have experienced seizures before as it interacts with the medicines meant for seizures.

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