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Know About The Microbiome Of The Eyes

The Microbiome Of The Eyes

Hello All!!!

You must have heard of the term ‘The Microbiome’ while gathering knowledge about human health. The Microbiome is the term used to refer the community of friendly bacteria, viruses and other microbes that live inside our body and on the skin. It has a pivotal role to play in the functioning of our nervous system, immune system, our skin and other major body systems.

Our lifestyle contributes a lot towards the health of the microbiome. Right from what you eat to how many hours you sleep affects the health of your microbiome. The sad part is that our diet is not optimal and there is a rise in stress in our everyday lives. This can take a toll on the microbiome in our body.

Food And Moves For Healthy Eyes 2

Microbiome in the eyes

Now, hold your breath as I am going to tell you about something amazing! Till now you must be thinking that friendly bacteria are only in the gut but the truth is that they reside in your eyes too!

Researchers have found out that there is a diverse microbiome in the eyes that prevents pathogens from colonizing. In simple terms, just like the beneficial bacteria in the gut, the bacteria present in the eyes prevent infection caused by harmful germs.

The chief role of the microbiome is to improve immune and metabolic functions to help ward off pathogens. Thus, parts of the eye that are responsible for protecting the eye from external harmful germs have a rich microbiome.

Isn’t it amazing! This is when we need to prostrate in front of Mother Nature! There are so many more amazing things about our body that we are not even aware of!

The friendly bacteria protect the eyes

It is not surprising to know that the microbiome in the eyes, helps protect the eyes. In fact, by focusing on the health of the microbiome, you can treat common eye problems in a different way. This includes cataract, glaucoma and macular degeneration. Yes, by strengthening the microbiome in the eyes through lifestyle changes, you can treat these eye-related ailments.

EYe disease

How to promote the health of the microbiome of the eyes?

1) Consume anti-inflammatory foods

Eat more of fresh veggies and fruits. Eat raw nuts and seeds, wild salmon, coconut oil and legumes. Say no to processed food-stuff, sodas, packaged fruit juices, fried foods, bread, sugar and alcohol.

2) Follow the 20-20-20 rule while using electronics

While using the computer or tab, take a 20 sec break every 20 mins by looking at any object that is 20 ft away from you. This way you can protect your eyes from the damage caused by blue light.

3) Rest your eyes

tea bags- home remedies to keep your eyes sparkling with health

Don’t strain your eyes. Reduce the number of hours for which you wear contact lenses and ensure that you remove them before going to bed.

4) Do eye exercises

Set aside a few minutes a day for eye exercises. Also, do at least 150 mins of moderate aerobic exercises in a week.

Hope you found this post about the microbiome of the eyes useful!

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