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Journaling – How it Works Towards Health and Wellness

Journaling – How it Works Towards Health and Wellness

Hello Everyone!

Writing down your feelings, life experiences and thoughts in a journal lets you keep memories alive forever. However, you must not be aware of the fact that there are a plenty of health benefits of journaling.

Evidence-based research has been carried out for the last 25 years on the connection between journaling and positive physiological effects.

Here are the reasons why writing down what you feel and experience helps in improving your health,

1) Availability

You can pick up your journal in the wee hours of the morning, while having a severe headache or while waiting at the dentist’s clinic. It will come to your rescue when there is no other support system at home. Since a journal is available round the clock, you won’t have to rely on family and friends all the time.

2) Catharsis

When you want to heal yourself, there are many other feelings that you have to go through that are anger, despair, frustration and fear. All such feelings will get absorbed by your journal without any kind of judgment. This catharsis or process of releasing emotions is essential to heal you.

3) A silent friend

Your journal can handle any kind of abuse, something which a human friend would not be able to bear. In spite of all that, it will wait for you to come back and share more of your problems. A journal will be there for you and accept everything you put forth without you having to apologize!

4) Helps observe patterns that enhance health

A person’s habitual behaviour will either enhance health and well-being or lead to disease. A journal will help you find that out and thereby help you in the upkeep of your wellness. You can divide your habits into two categories, the ones that promote good health and the ones that lead to discomfort and disease.

You get to know about different parts of your mind and this way you will be able to communicate with your inner-self. To be able to understand dream symbols and heal yourself are the biggest gifts of maintaining a journal.

5) Stronger intuition and inner guidance

It is amazing to learn that we have an ocean of wisdom residing within us. We can access it, ask simple questions and note down what we hear! Just pose an open-ended question to your intuition and then sit silently to feel an inner prompting. Just note down the response.

6) Improved creativity

Once you overcome the resistance to write your heart out, the act of journaling will actually seem very a reassuring, safe and creative way to express what you feel. This will most often lead to the right choices for the upkeep of good health.

Best way to stay on track in the healing journey

Let go of the past. Just forget what hurt you and what kinds of judgments were made against you. Living with the past guilt, resentment or bottled-up emotions will drain your energy. You can release the past hurts and judgments by simply writing a rant. Just blow off the steam, just like how a pressure cooker does!

Hope you liked reading this post on the benefits of journaling!

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