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How To Use Essential Oils To Calm Down Anxiety?

How To Use Essential Oils To Calm Down Anxiety?

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Stress and anxiety are eating into the fabric of our happiness. You simply can’t avoid getting stressed out these days as our lifestyle is not moving in the right direction. Too much of stress over a long period of time will take a toll on your body and that can be seen in the form of inability to sleep well, irritability, digestive and reproductive issues. However, one of the most ghastly manifestations of stress is anxiety. In this post we will see how we can calm down anxiety with the help of essential oils. So, keep reading!

Anxiety can be devastating as it can make you get worried about things that hardly matter. Those suffering from anxiety have panic attacks quite often and they usually withdraw themselves from the society to get some relief. However, that is definitely not a solution. Turning into a recluse is not a good idea! To treat anxiety, most people start taking medicines but you can always try seeking the help of Mother Nature. Using essential oils is a great way to calm your mind down.

The best essential oils for anxiety are as follows:

1) Lavender

2) Rose

3) Vetiver

4) Ylang ylang

5) Bergamot

6) Chamomile

7) Frankincense

Using essential oils to calm down anxiety at home with a diffuser

Just a whiff of concentrated essential oil can help your body produce serotonin and dopamine which are the hormones that help you feel good. Use a diffuser to fill your room with the scent of any essential oil.

You can even use a diffuser at your workplace if it is allowed as it really helps in reducing anxiety.

Using essential oils on the go

In case, you can’t use the diffuser as you are on the go, make the most of essential oils by getting a little creative. Add a drop of lavender, bergamot, ylang-ylang to a hanky and place it on your car’s air vent. This will help you stay relaxed during the commute.

Essential oil and deep breathing

Deep breathing helps ease your anxiety. When you are stressed out of tensed, your breath becomes shallow, your heart beat increases and cortisol levels rise. To control all this, you need to do deep breathing. You can use lavender essential oil for your deep breathing routine. Using this oil regularly can help you calm down.

Essential oils and massaging

Too much of cortisol due to stress will shut down your digestive as well as reproductive system. However, with the help of therapeutic massage clubbed with essential oils, you can get relief from the undesirable effects of chronic stress.

With a massage, the essential oils enter your skin and reach your bloodstream. They are then directed to the body part that needs to be healed. However, you should always combine essential oils with carrier oils as it is very important. It can be anything from coconut oil to sweet almond oil.

Final thoughts

If you think that an anxiety disorder can get cured with essential oils, then my friend, you are mistaken. The use of these oils only supports you and helps you feel better. Also, it is advised that you consult a medical practitioner before using essential oils as what works for one may not work for another person.

Hope you liked reading this post on using Essential Oils To Calm Down Anxiety!

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